Out today! Well actually it’s been out for a couple of weeks already, but I didn’t get around to posting it sooner :/ sorry about that.

The third book in a 4 part series written by the excellent Jake Nickens

On their two-year anniversary, Kat and Nick Murphy have a lot to celebrate. With former ballerina Kat on track to complete her Ph.D. and Nick on the verge of success in the boxing ring, both have reason to be excited. Unfortunately, the happy couple find themselves suddenly separated when they capture the attention of a malevolent entity in a gray suit.To get her husband back, Kat must seek answers in a remote barbeque joint in the Chihuahuan Desert, undergoing a dangerous odyssey through the realms of spirit guides, Haitian Vodou, and a deadly-albeit well-dressed-assassin.Kat hopes there will be more than a good meal waiting for her at the Lost Prairie BBQ.

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